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As-Built Plans
Suburban House


Many homes that will be renovated in the next ten years were built pre-internet using physical plans with no digital record. Now when homeowners are seeking to renovate and call their building department for the plans of their home, they are often told that the plans are not on file or do not exist. However, showing the existing layout and conditions of the home is the primary requirement for completing any property improvements. Generating as-built plans is a relatively fast process and should be your first step on any renovation journey.

Small House


A little distance from your main residence is a big advantage when advertising a rental property in your backyard. Renters enjoy the freedom and privacy that come with a degree of separation and their own four walls. These little backyard structures can also be used as studio space, a private office or even just storage if renting isn't a primary concern to offset the costs of home ownership. Small as an ADU can be, it still requires all the planning of a ground-up build and can often be more challenging with space limitations. 

Detached ADU


Most suburban homes come with an attached garage. In California, without regular inclement weather to hide from, we can easily park in our driveways. This leaves between 300-450 square feet of unclaimed square footage  already with a roof and foundation, ready to be built out. In an effort to combat the housing shortage, building departments are easing restrictions on garage to ADU conversions. It's easier than ever before to turn this unconditioned space into a new income property, but converting existing space is a specific process with its own challenges.

ADU Conversions
Private Property


Attached ADU's typically share a wall, foundation or roof with the existing structure. One distinct advantage is that it's ideal for housing a family member who needs access to the main home or regular assistance. If ever the attached ADU is no longer needed as a separate living space, the attached wall can be demolished and suddenly you have  an addition to your home with an extra bedroom and likely an additional bathroom or kitchen already included. In either case, there are strategies for making close, but separate, quarters, as advantageous as possible.

Attached ADU's
Wood Frame of House


New construction could be building a custom home from an empty lot, a complete tear down and rebuild of an existing home, or a fire rebuild. In any case, for some reason you have to start from scratch. Of Earth Design can help you see the full potential of your build site, decide the best point of access and egress and advise you what steps to take now to have lower maintenance and energy costs in the future. With considerable planning and forethought you can have not only what you want from your home now, but also what you'll need down the road.

New Construction
Modern Kitchen


Lucky homeowners will only undergo one major  renovation while living in their home. This means that almost everyone is new to the process. You don't want your renovation dreams to be soured by not having the amount of light, space or storage you envisioned when the project is complete. Building departments are also getting more strict about what is required to receive a permit, even for your standard bath or kitchen remodel. As design professionals, we can help you decide how big or small to make your project, clarify what is necessary and demystify the process.

Modern Living Room


Need some extra space? Additions often go hand in hand with renovations. First you're adding on a dining room, then the new space looks so nice, the kitchen looks dated by comparison. We can advise you how to avoid this common mistake by planning for flow and continuity throughout your beautiful new space. Each home is unique and there are features which will specifically work well and look natural to your home's style and character. We can tell you how to maximize your home's potential while staying within the zoning limitations and achieving your design goals, on time and in budget.



Please note, we do not have the ability to quote for most drafting projects site unseen. The items on the below pricelist are the only types of services we will provide set pricing for. To get a custom quote for drafting services beyond this list, please schedule an hour of on-site consulting. Consulting fees may be waived if an agreement for any drafting services is signed within a reasonable time period.

Of Earth Design can produce floor plans of existing structures for a flat rate, depending on the square footage to be drafted and the location of the property. Locations outside of Sonoma County will be quoted by request.

• Less than 2,000 Square Feet (SF)


• Totaled between 2,000-2,500 SF


• Totaled between 2,500-3,000 SF


• Totaled between 3,000-3,500 SF


• Totaled between 3,500-4,000 SF


• Totaled over 4,000 SF

To be quoted on a case by case basis, please request a quote

Consulting Services will be billed in hourly increments at a rate of $150/hour. This time does not include travel time within Sonoma County.

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