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Our Mission

Of Earth Design exists to find a route to affordable, sustainable housing. By earning capital through our offering of goods and services, we seek to fund the purchase of land on which to develop a flagship community, which will prove these concepts can coexist. We will build homes that are net-zero energy, have integrated sustainable systems and which are certified by various well recognized sustainability standards. As we pursue this goal, we seek to embody the following in our offering, culture and our relationship to our community.



We will provide high quality services and products, operate with integrity, make sustainable choices and preserve affordability

Lakeside House

Of Earth Design provides beautiful, quality plan sets that reflect a high degree of accuracy. Included in these plans will be just the right amount of information to streamline the permitting process and limit review and resubmittal lead times.


We place emphasis on being thorough and methodical. From the first site visit we collect all information we will need to not only complete the plans, but to have Title 24 processing and structural completed as well. This multi-leveled approach allows us to deliver plan sets at a brisk pace.

Integrity means doing what we say we will do. We are very communicative because we know that as a homeowner, it is stressful to not know what is happening with your project. We set expectations and dates for deliverables from the start so you can know what to expect. We earn our client's trust by following through and providing excellent service.

Our commitments to sustainability and affordability go hand in hand. The most sustainable choice is the one that generates the least waste. The least expensive building project is the one that doesn't have to be done twice. Therefore we always give advice that reflects long term planning, smart investment and will deliver a high quality experience for years to come.



We facilitate the achievement of employee aspirations, provide a living wage and maintain a relaxed autonomous atmosphere that encourages teamwork and creativity

Young Businesswomen

Of Earth Design seeks to create and maintain a workplace environment that operates on collaboration, creative problem solving and trust.


We offer flexible work options for full time employees, meaning we allow our employees to use their best judgement regarding how to achieve results that contribute to our goals.


We want every employee to have a job they feel is fulfilling and which provides the experience and skill building they desire. To this end, we encourage our employees to propose projects which they are passionate about and which further the company's end goals while aligning with our values. We are further committed to providing a living wage as well as regular raises based on performance.

We embody our values by practicing them whenever possible. Our office was furnished almost entirely through upcycling, from our desks to our refrigerator. We turn off lights whenever we can. We recycle, compost and use real dishes and towels so we don't create unnecessary waste. We lead by example, to prove that quality of life doesn't have to suffer when living by eco-friendly principles.



We will support, educate and inspire our community about sustainable building through innovative programs and services

Planting Trees

Of Earth Design seeks to better the community we live in through our long term goals, but also through our programs and services.

Our consulting services provide an avenue for us to visit homeowners individually, even if they're not ready to start on a construction project, and educate them about their options for sustainable investment. The better educated our clients are about what we do and what we offer, the better the service we can offer them.

Our employee volunteer program allows employees to use a certain amount of paid hours to put towards volunteering with relevant local organizations to gain insight and experience which will direct our company's future.

We contribute to the fees involved in accrediting and licensing our employees with various organizations so they are poised on the cutting edge of our industry; informed to innovate.

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