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Building Different

Nice to meet you! We are Of Earth Design -- a company of young, energetic designers, builders, engineers, mechanical designers and contractors working together in a unique effort to disrupt the building industry.

Too often we see work that is subpar, that wasn't thought out, and is left for someone else to fix. Our company concept integrates professionals who bring all their niche expertise to create a seamless experience for our customers so the work won't need to be redone down the road.

Short term, we want to be the best design/build team you have ever worked with. Long term, we have even bigger plans.

Every job we complete today will fund our "big goal" of building affordable housing in Sonoma County

We grew up here in the Bay Area, but we will never be able to buy a home in our hometown. As people continue to move to The Bay to pursue their dreams, an increasing population is pushed out of San Francisco by ever-steepening housing prices. Land is rapidly being developed to meet this demand -- but it all looks the same. It is all too close. It is all still too expensive.

Now is the time for a young, innovative company to try something completely new.

It's time to develop communities we ourselves would want to, and could afford to, live in. There are so many possibilities to be had when you bring together renewable energy sources, green building techniques, sustainable design, and a group of passionate individuals ready to share knowledge who are excited by an idea. The idea is that if you utilize building science, employ creative problem solving, and plan for the finished product from conception you can build a higher quality of life and do it for less.

So here's the plan:


  • Offer every service we legally can in-house, from the same team. This makes us a near absolute, one-stop shop for residential building. There are no delays due to miscommunication and projects become more creatively collaborative -- from every professional perspective.

  • Save you money wherever and however we can We will help you plan for the long term which means less replacements and maintenance. We can help you plan for goals like resale, aging in place and thinking ahead to prepare for the unexpected. Our brisk pace of work and responsiveness will keep you on track and on budget.

  • Save you money in energy bills long term. We design with passive heating and cooling in mind and have an eye for the requirements of California's rapidly updating Energy Code. Additionally, our sister company Delta T Energy is full of energy experts. They know what rebates you may qualify for and how best to value engineer your project while observing the Energy Code.

  • Do our research. If your project requires something that manages to be outside of our knowledge base, we will track down an expert and ask. We are enthusiastic life-long learners who know you're investing a lot in your project, so we have formed partnerships with industry leaders, known for doing the job right, who also believe sharing knowledge is community enrichment.


  • Review our drafting & consulting services

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  • Email us when you're ready to get started!


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