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Many home buyers view their first home purchase as an investment. After making upgrades, home buyers may plan on eventually selling to leverage their first home into the purchase of a second one. Square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms are key components of getting the most out of your investment, but there are many other factors that contribute to the resale value of your starter home. With our informational home walkthrough, we can point out which improvements will have the most impact on sale price as well as improve the quality of life for your own family. 

Resale Value


If you have found your forever home and are thinking about remodeling, you should consider how mobility will limit you in the future. No one wants to install unsightly safety features or not be able to access certain parts of their home. Aging in place is a forward thinking design movement that helps home owners plan for these limitations, so life can continue as normally as possible when old age rudely interrupts. We will walk through your current or future home with you to make sure you've considered all the angles.

Aging in Place
Couple in a Kitchen


As families and individuals grow and change, so do our spatial needs within our homes. Just because a room is a comfortable space for you now doesn't mean you will always be able to move comfortably through it, especially if you add pets or family members into the mix. We know the dimensions of human comfort  and can help you plan for your communal and private spaces to provide ease of use you never knew you needed and may have never thought about before. Schedule a pre-renovation home walkthrough today to learn more.

Space Planning
Modern Office Building


You may have been told by relatives and friends that the process of receiving a building permit is nightmarish. This can be true for those who don't know what the building department expects to see and how to provide it. We can walk you through the permitting process of the work you are planning to do, tell you what professionals you will need to get services from and even provide possible lead times and recommendations. Getting a permit isn't as hard as it seems, especially if you have a little help. Schedule a consulting appointment to get started.

Permit Process


Clever home buyers may seek to buy a fixer upper with the intention of  completing a renovation later on. A good project home will have all the original features and charm of the period when it was built, and the renovation will provide all the modern luxuries the time period was missing. Knowing whether a house has "good bones" can make or break your investment. If you're just starting out on your home buying journey, it can be an invaluable tool to have an expert along to weigh in on the likely success of an asymmetrical flip. 

Buying to Renovate
Solar Panels


Of Earth Design is the premiere drafting company founded by energy experts. We are energy code informed and employ staff who formerly processed Title 24 compliance documents, CALGreen documents, did solar sizing and electrical load calculations. While we do not currently provide these services, our knowledge regarding how and when to strategically upgrade your home's windows, doors, insulation and water systems can make a future or current renovation process all the more advantageous and provide long term money savings. 

Energy Upgrades


If you've just bought a new home and you have some... unique features, our home tour consulting service can provide you with answers. We've all seen some nonsensical design decisions in older homes, especially in the  80's and 90's. We can help you identify where your utilities, HVAC, plumbing, structural walls and other necessary features are located, explain why your home may been laid out the way it is and provide you with possible solutions to existing problems. This is the service for you if you just want an hour with someone who can answer the question "why?" 

Home Tour
Blue Print


You're the type of person who hates to enter any endeavor uninformed and ill prepared. You don't even want to reach out to professionals without knowing something about what you'll need to provide as a homeowner. We can teach you terminology, introduce you to stages of the design process and help to identify tenants of your personal style so you have the design vocabulary to succinctly convey your design goals. Knowing how to communicate ideas can be the difference between the start of a beautiful relationship and time and money wasted on misunderstanding.

Drafting Process


Please note, we do not have the ability to quote for most drafting projects site unseen. The items on the below pricelist are the only types of services we will provide set pricing for. To get a custom quote for drafting services beyond this list, please schedule an hour of on-site consulting. Consulting fees may be waived if an agreement for any drafting services is signed within a reasonable time period.

Of Earth Design can produce floor plans of existing structures for a flat rate, depending on the square footage to be drafted and the location of the property. Locations outside of Sonoma County will be quoted by request.

• Less than 2,000 Square Feet (SF)


• Totaled between 2,000-2,500 SF


• Totaled between 2,500-3,000 SF


• Totaled between 3,000-3,500 SF


• Totaled between 3,500-4,000 SF


• Totaled over 4,000 SF

To be quoted on a case by case basis, please request a quote

Consulting Services will be billed in hourly increments at a rate of $150/hour. This time does not include travel time within Sonoma County.

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