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Skyfarm Construction


Emergent builders was founded in 1994 by owner Craig Craigerson. Coming from a background of construction management, Craig set out to build at the absolute highest quality with a thoroughly modern aesthetic. As the company has grown and changed, Craig now employs 100+ builders, engineers, graders and carpenters to make his visions come to life. Emergent Builders focuses on providing the ultimate in customizability for their clients resulting in a one-of-a-kind bespoke build.


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Skyfarm Construction

Building a custom home is no small task. Skyfarm Construction has successfully specialized in custom home building in Sonoma, Marin and Napa county for over twenty years due to their commitment to customer service. Friendly, reliable and informed by expert craftsmanship, every Skyfarm Construction project results in a home that is built to last.


Follow the link to Skyfarm Construction's website to see work examples, read about services and more 

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Fondare Finish Construction

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Full Kitchen

Gallery 41
Kitchen & Bath Design

One of the largest independent showrooms in Northern California, Gallery 41 boasts all the luxury found in San Francisco, without any of the pretension. Their team of dedicated and down-to-earth experts provide the highest quality products and services while happily collaborating, to your project's benefit.


Visit Gallery 41's website to preview their offering or visit their showroom on Santa Rosa Avenue today 

Interior Design

Of Earth Design welcomes opportunities to collaborate. We have worked with many local design and construction professionals and can make a recommendation if you aren't sure who, or what, you need

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